Where has Hamu been?

Written By: Radheesh Sellamuttu on October 28, 2014

Pictures by Amodha Kannangara, Rouchelle Sriranjan, Radheesh Sellamuttu, Haresh De Soysa


Where has Hamu been? 

It is always a pleasure for the Leopard Trails team to see “Hamu”, the big male leopard whose photograph was used to create our logo. Over the past few weeks Hamu has been sighted at : Sudu Weli Mulla on 23/11/2012 (and mating in early November 2012 at same location), Thalgasmankada road on 3/1/2013, and Madapara- Akasachaithiya junction 26/1/2013. In Africa the home ranges of male leopards can vary between 30 to 90 square kilometres. What are the unwritten rules concerning territories of Yala’s Adult male Leopards? On 3/1/2012 Hamu was sighted on Thalgasmankada road, and further down the Thalgasmankada road an adult male was spotted walking along the road and scent marking. After following him for a short while the male walked into the scrub. Fifty to Hundred metres further down the road another larger adult male was encountered ! This second male was scent marking and walking along the road as well. This second cat was bolder and refused to move off the road for a while. Was the first male following the scent of the bigger male knowing very well that a male had made fresh scent markings a short while before he had walked through that very spot? On Saturday 26th morning a mating pair was encountered near Dharshana Wewa (i.e further down the Thalgasmankada – Varahana – Katagamuwa road). In another separate instance of males being seen in close proximity to each other, in early November 2012 a big male believed to be Hamu was captured mating on Sudu Weli Mula in the presence of another smaller male leopard ( photo thanks to Rouchelle Sriranjan ). Please visit the rest of this album for photo’s of some the sightings discussed above and stay tuned for more exciting news :)