A walk on the wild side

Written By: Arran Sivarajah (Game ranger, Leopard Trails) on August 27, 2015 Photographer : Arran Sivarajah (Game ranger, Leopard Trails)

During my training as a guide in Africa, I would have to walk in areas with dangerous game and have close encounters with the big 5 as a part of the FGASA Trails guiding course. These walks are a part of my fondest memories of Africa. These walks included endless hours of tracking elephants and other big 5 members through the Makuleke concession accompanied by some of the legends in the guiding industry of Africa, to sometimes simply sitting at the stunning Nlana gorge taking in the sights and sounds of the greater Kruger.

The buffer zones and surrounding farmland bordering Sri Lanka’s national parks are teeming with wildlife. Unfortunately though, much of this land is used for poaching, illegal logging, and small scale farming, thereby constantly eroding the habitat for many creatures large and small. Whenever I can find the time I enjoy exploring the surrounds of our camp on foot to check on the activity in the surrounding area. This helps me craft guest experiences: teaching guests how to identify various animal tracks and interpret what the animal may have been doing, checking on the presence of elephants or crocodiles around camp, checking on which birds are nesting in the surrounds, checking water levels at smaller water holes in the jungle, or simply taking a guest to see a termite mound to explain to them the intricate lives of termites! There is no better way to engage with your environment than on foot. Today I decided to experiment with a few videos from my phone camera as I walk through the jungle. Join me as I take a walk on the wild side!